His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

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His Secret Obsession Book Review summary 

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His secret obsession review-is this James Ball’s guide really worth the money? Is this a scam or is it really effective? In today's comment, we will answer all your questions about the course.

His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

His "Secret Obsession Review" refers to a book by James Bauer that explores the secrets that men keep. Although the target audience for this book is women who want to better understand men, many men find this book interesting and enlightening. Frankly speaking, most men immediately realize that the obsession that Ball thinks most men have is accurate. In today's society, people's expectation of sex, excitement, danger, money or fornication may be a secret obsession of men, but the answer is simpler and more complicated.

His secret obsession comment aimed at classic behavior

Unlike targeted ads and lengthy sales forms, wait until half or more of the article to reveal the obsession, this review will make it work quickly. Obsession is heroism. Wherever you go, heroism will be celebrated, praised and welcomed. Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger saved his Airbus A320 passengers through one of the most difficult emergency landings ever, thus occupying an unforgettable place in American culture. [1]

Hundreds of TV shows, spin-offs, remakes, and movies explore the heroic behavior of ordinary people and superheroes. Given today's digital culture, heroic behavior has reached a near-mythical status in a world that usually lacks practical actions. Real heroes are rare, but when needed, heroes will come forward again and again every day. These are the types of heroes that Bauer believes women seek. He does not encourage men to become more heroic, but hypocritically suggests that women encourage heroism by becoming more dependent and helpless.

His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

His secret obsession review: online courses and popular relationship sports

The "Girls in Distress" campaign does work, and people do respond to people in trouble. Luke Skywalker quickly responded to Princess Leia's message: "You are our only hope." More and more women are rediscovering the classic strategy of letting men control in certain situations where the real world is dangerous. There is no need to become a second-class citizen or lose any right to encourage men to act like heroes.

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This book and accompanying courses have generated unprecedented reviews on social media, book review sites, women’s discussion groups, and even websites dedicated to psychology or psychological issues. For women, the key to a successful relationship with men is to reveal weaknesses that men can help alleviate in some way. This may be a physical, financial, or emotional need, but relying on men to protect themselves from any problems will secretly nourish hero instincts.

Heroic instincts in his secret obsession comment

James Bauer is the author of his secret obsessions and courses that men secretly want. He is not some social media star. He cultivated followers based on proposing a creative idea or registering a group of followers. Bauer is actually a well-trained psychologist who understands terms such as "hero instinct" and its power in emotional situations.

Men who understand heroism and practice related behaviors are very attractive to most women. Bauer's motto "Irresistible" encourages women to show confidence, bravery, happiness and inner beauty, and the course aims to tap this attitude and guide it.

According to Bauer, hero instincts are not like other qualities that attract women, such as passion, sexual attraction, or infatuation. The heroic instinct works at a deeper level and uses the basic physical drive to protect family members and children from external threats. If a man has no heroic instincts, a woman will never be his soul mate.

The biological drive is very powerful, just like hunger, thirst and sexual desire. This is one of the reasons why women like "bad boys". "Bad boys" are often the opposite of heroes. Radical alpha behavior usually looks like heroism, but in reality, bad behavior is bad behavior. True heroism is purer and deeper than the alpha package behavior, and women can easily distinguish the differences when they get the correct information.

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Examples of real-world heroism

In recent years, many examples of true heroism have been cited in the news, but quiet heroism is happening every day in hundreds of situations. In 2012, three women survived a mass shooting when their boyfriends protected their bodies from bullets and were killed. [1] Heroism is not the ability to surpass others at all costs, but the decision to serve others at all costs. True heroism is quiet, confident, and sober—deciding to do the right thing, regardless of the consequences.

His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

His secret obsession comment: Manipulate 101?

Many people immediately gave up self-help books and courses without real understanding of their content. Although Ball certainly has a manipulative color in his courses, most self-help programs follow a similar pattern, based on the repetitive, clear pattern that provides a more effective way to succeed. Bauer introduces thoughtful arguments based on real psychological insights into behavior and biological drives.

First-rate writing, the course covers detailed methods on masculinity, heroism, and doing the right thing under pressure. Interestingly, Bauer did not provide a list of characteristics that make men a hero. His method is just the opposite-to provide women with tips and tricks to inspire potential heroism in men.

Everyone knows that a woman attracts men for reasons that are not always obvious. These women may be attractive but are no exception, pleasant but not outgoing, and pay more attention to fireplaces and homes than world politics. However, something in their behavior triggers the male's protective instinct. For example, consider the recent observation of a couple sitting in a busy restaurant. The lady wanted to sit at a table larger than two seats, but the waiter explained that when people waited at the door, there was no room. The women turned to their partners and said, “It’s okay. I have a terrible headache."

In this case, the position of the waiter is understandable, and the woman's "sick headache" comment seems too much for a disobedient adult woman. However, maybe this customer got what she wanted: a bit of heroism in the lunch theme, which quickly escorted her out of the "disgusting" restaurant.

The characteristics that men find from women clearly show that they expect such heroic efforts. According to Bauer, examples include:

Private island: This is a place where women create private space like a private island. A woman likes this space because it guarantees privacy with the man she wants to know.

Ex-Back signal: Frequent intermittent relationships usually have signals and phrases that are deeper than the meaning conveyed by the surface words.

Girls in distress: Blanche Dubois always relies on the kindness of strangers, but girls who are in distress often appear in daily life-such as women who cannot provide lunch for their children or those who break down on the side of the road. female.

Sneak peeping: When a man spies on a woman peeping at him, hormones will rise.

Pricing for his secret obsession with courses

Considering that people spend a lot of money on crazy self-help ideas, these ideas provide far less connections to mainstream research than Ball’s work, so the price of the course seems reasonable. You can take a 60-day course for only US$197, US$97 or US$47. The course regularly offers special discounts, so you only need to pay a one-time payment of $47 to join. Ball is an influential interpersonal relationship coach, and his views are clearly masculine. Bauer admits this is true, but he offers a good defense: Most men are fed up with dishonest relationships that refuse to consider basic biological requirements.

Showing off biological femininity can attract the right man to share your life-a person who values ​​basic heroism and practices it in subtle ways every day. Women are not boring or boring, but they will deliberately disrupt relationships through inadvertent behavior, such as making an endless list of passive/aggressive suggestions. Men are more focused on what they consider to be "real world" missions, such as funding and protecting families.

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His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

His Secret Obsession Book Review Summary

Conclusion of his secret obsession

Ball knows his stuff, but he also knows how to apply his theory to real-world events and common social situations. This is the beauty of these courses-they can provide men and women with insights into common relationship problems and solutions that help attract a lifelong partner, or at least for a comfortable life.

His Secret Obsession Review earned a 5-star rating just for introducing a controversial topic to experts, bloggers, and relationship experts. The information is basic enough for anyone to understand. This book and course raise new questions that seem obvious, but today's relationship experts rarely solve them.

However, those who like to pursue complex ideas to reach their logical conclusions will find Bauer's work interesting and creative. Well written, and after careful consideration, this course and book received 5 out of 5 stars for solving a difficult and controversial subject.

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